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Gravitation: A Decennial Perspective

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Penn State Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry will host an international conference entitled Gravitation: A Decennial Perspective.

Conference Dates

Sunday, 8 June - Thursday, 12 June, 2003

Conference Description

The conference will cover all major areas of gravitational physics with focus on the four fields which have been actively pursued at the Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry: quantum gravity, analytical and numerical general relativity and gravitational radiation. Since this is a decennial celebration, this conference will take a longer term view than most meetings in our field. Thus, the plenary talks will highlight major developments in the field over the past decade and provide vision for the next.

Each afternoon, there will be parallel sessions on the four focus areas. These will feature shorter invited talks as well as contributed talks selected by session organizers. Each talk will be of at least 20 minutes duration. There may be poster sessions for contributions that could not be included in the oral presentations.

Conference Program

The program is available on-line, as HTML, or PDF

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings for the conference are available, however, these are still being compiled.

Conference Announcements

All pre-conference material (announcements, etc) can be found here

Conference Scientific Organizing Committee

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