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With our close ties to the Centers for Gravity, and the Departments of Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics, there are quite a few activities available in which one can participate. The NR Group has two activities mentioned below which are essential for our organization. In addition, there are multiple seminars, colloquia, and social gatherings spread throughout the week that may pique one's interests. A (non-exhaustive) list of these activities can be found below.

Weekly Calendar (Fall 2005)

IGPG Seminar 3:00 pm Osmond 318
IGPG Theory Lunch 1:00 pm Osmond 318
LISA Reading Group 2:15 pm Osmond 318
CGWP Lunch 12:00 noon Osmond 318
Astro Colloquium 4:00 pm Davey 541
Sources and Simulations Seminar 12:30 pm Osmond 318
Physics Colloquium 4:00 pm Osmond 117
NR Journal Club 9:00 am Osmond 318
IGPG Theory Seminar 11:00 am Osmond 318

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