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Preprints for 1995

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Peter Peldan Large Diffeomorphisms in (2+1)-Quantum Gravity on the Torus CGPG-95/1-1
Robin Tuluie and Pablo Laguna The Imprint of Proper Motion of Nonlinear Structures on the Cosmic Microwave Background CGPG-95/1-2
Lars Bildsten & Curt Cutler Non-Radial Oscillations in Neutron Star Oceans: A Source of Quasi-Periodic X-Ray Oscillations CGPG-95/2-1
Troy Schilling Non-Covariance of the Generalized Holonomies: Examples CGPG-95/3-1
Lee Smolin Experimental Signatures of Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/3-2
Roger Bartlett and Jane Charlton Models of Lyman-alpha Forest Clouds CGPG-95/3-4
C. DiBartolo, R. Gambini, J. Griego and J. Pullin The Space of States of Quantum Gravity in Terms of Loops and Extended Loops: Some Remarks CGPG-95/3-5
P. Anninos, R. Price, J. Pullin, E. Seidel and W.M. Suen Head-On Collisions of Two Black Holes: Comparison of Different Approaches CGPG-95/3-6
Peter Peldan A Modular Invariant Quantum Theory From the Connection Formulation of (2+1)-Gravity on the Torus CGPG-95/4-2
Chopin Soo Self-Dual Variables, Positive Semi-Definite Action and Discrete Transformations in 4-d Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/4-3
Lee Smolin and Carlo Rovelli Spin Networks in Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/4-4
Lee Smolin Linking Topological Quantum Field Theory and Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/4-5
Lee Smolin, Carlo Rovelli, Roumen Borissov Dynamics of Nonperturbative Quantum General Relativity CGPG-95/5-1
Lee Smolin Cosmology as a Problem in Critical Phenomena CGPG-95/5-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Jerzy Lewandowski, Donald Marolf, Jose Mourao, Thomas Thiemann Quantization of Diffeomorphism Invariant Theories of Connections with Local Degrees of Freedom CGPG-95/6-1
Fernando Barbero and Madhavan Varadarajan Homogeneous 2+1 Dimensional Gravity in the Ashtekar Formulation CGPG-95/6-2
Abhay Ashtekar Probing Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/7-1
Thomas Thiemann An Axiomatic Approach to Quantum Gauge Field Theory CGPG-95/7-2
Thomas Thiemann The Inverse Loop Transform CGPG-95/7-3
Lars Bildsten, Greg Ushomirsky and Curt Cutler Ocean g-Modes on Rotating Neutron Stars CGPG-95/8-1
Jorge Pullin Colliding Black Holes with Linearized Gravity CGPG-95/8-2
Rodolfo Gambini, Octavio Obregon, Jorge Pullin Towards a Loop Representation for Quantum Canonical Supergravity CGPG-95/8-3
Jane Charlton, Christopher W. Churchill, Suzanne M. Linder Probing Lyman-alpha Absorbers with Double Lines of Sight CGPG-95/8-4
Jason Best, Jane Charlton, Gottfried Mayer-Kress Analysis of Galaxy Morphology and Evolution Using the Pointwise Dimension CGPG-95/8-6
Lee Smolin The Bekenstein Bound, Topological Quantum Field Theory and Pluralistic Quantum Cosmology CGPG-95/8-7
Robin Tuluie & Pablo Laguna Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies from the Rees-Sciama Effect CGPG-95/10-1
J. Fernando Barbero & Michael Ryan Minisuperspace Examples of Quantization Using Canonical Variables of the Ashtekar Type: Structure and Solutions CGPG-95/10-2
Viqar Husain Exact Solutions for Null Fluid Collapse CGPG-95/10-3
Viqar Husain Einstein's Equations and the Chiral Model CGPG-95/10-4
Valeri Frolov & Erik Martinzez Action and Hamiltonian for Eternal Black Holes CGPG-95/10-5
Pablo Laguna Alternatives to Finite Difference Methods in Numerical Relativity CGPG-95/10-6
Viqar Husain Black Hole Solutions in 2+1 Dimensions CGPG-95/10-8
Abhay Ashtekar Polymer Geometry at Planck Scale and Quantum Einstein Equations CGPG-95/11-1
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin A Rigorous Solution of the Quantum Einstein Equations CGPG-95/11-2
Thomas Thiemann An Account of Transforms on A/G CGPG-95/11-3
Thomas Thiemann Reality Conditions Inducing Transforms for Quantum Gauge Field Theory and Quantum Gravity CGPG095/11-4
Abhay Ashtekar A Generalized Wick Transform for Gravity CGPG-95/12-1
Jane Charlton, Sally Hunsberger, Dennis Zaritsky The Formation of Dwarf Galaxies in Tidal Debris: A Study of the Compact Group Environment CGPG-95/12-2
Seth Major, Lee Smolin Quantum Deformation of Quantum Gravity CGPG-95/12-3

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