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Preprints for 1996

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Jorge Pullin & Richard Price Analytic Approximations to the Spacetime of a Critical Gravitational Collapse CGPG-96/1-1
Jose Zapata & Henri Waelbroeck 2+1 Covariant Lattice Theory and t'Hooft's Formulation CGPG-96/1-2
Curt Cutler & Lee Lindblom Gravitational Helioseismology? CGPG-96/1-3
Viqar Husain Interpolating Black Holes CGPG-96/1-4
Seth Major, Roumen Borissov & Lee Smolin The Geometry of Quantum Spin Networks CGPG-96/1-5
Erik Martinez Fundamental Thermodynamical Equation of a Self-Gravitating System CGPG-96/1-6
Glenn Barnich & Marc Henneaux Isomorphisms Between the Batalin-Vilkovisky Antibracket and the Poisson Bracket CGPG-96/1-7
Abhay Ashtekar Chandrasekhar's Contributions to General Relativity CGPG-96/1-8
Jane Charlton & Christopher Churchill Mg II Absorbing Galaxies: Halos or Disks? CGPG-96/2/1
Nuno Dias Gravity Without Gauge CGPG-96/2-2
Rodolfo Gambini & Jorge Pullin Variational Derivation of Exact Skein Relations from Chern-Simons Theories CGPG-96/2-3
Abhay Ashtekar & Jerzy Lewandowski Quantum Theory of Geometry: Area Operators CGPG-96/2-4
Rodolfo Gambini & Jorge Pullin The General Solution of the Quantum Einstein Equations? CGPG-96/3-1
Abhay Ashtekar & Jerzy Lewandowski Quantum Field Theory of Geometry CGPG-96/3-2
Jose Zapata Topological Lattice Gravity Using Self-Dual Variables CGPG-96/3-3
Roberto Gomez, Pablo Laguna, Philippos Papadopoulos & Jeff Winicour Cauchy-Characteristic Evolution of Einstein-Klein-Gordon Systems CGPG-96/4-1
Seth Major CGPG-96/4-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Jerzy Lewandowski, Don Marolf, Jose Mourao, Thomas Thiemann SU(N) Quantum Yang-Mills Theory in Two Dimensions: A Complete Solution CGPG-96/4-3
Abhay Ashtekar, K. Bicak, B.S. Schmidt Asymptotic Structure of Symmetry Reduced General Relativity CGPG-96/5-1
Abhay Ashtekar, K. Bicak, B.S. Schmidt Behavior of Einstein-Rosen Waves at Null Infinity CGPG-96/5-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Monica Pierri Probing Quantum Gravity Through Exactly Soluble Midi-Superspaces I CGPG-96/5-3
Abhay Ashtekar, Monica Pierri Probing Quantum Gravity with Exactly Soluble Midi-Superspaces II CGPG-96/5-4
Abhay Ashtekar, Alejandro Corichi Photon Inner-Product and the Gauss Linking Number CGPG-96/5-5
Pablo Laguna Black Hole Collisions: A Computational Grand Challenge CGPG-96/5-6
Glenn Barnich Example of Sh Lie Algebras in Local IT CGPG-96/5-7
Eli Hawkins Hamiltonian Gravity and Noncommutative Geometry CGPG-96/5-8
Abhay Ashtekar, Alejandro Corichi Gauss Linking Number and the Electromagnetic Uncertainty Principle CGPG-96/6-1
Abhay Ashtekar, Troy Schilling Geometry of Quantum Mechanics CGPG-96/6-2
Gundlach C., Jorge Pullin Instability of Free Evolution in Double Null Coordinates CGPG-96/6-3
R. Gleiser, C. Nicasio, R. Price, Jorge Pullin Second Order Perturbations of a Schwarzschild Black Hole CGPG-96/6-4
Jorge Pullin Canonical Quantum Gravity with New Variables and Loops: A Report CGPG-96/6-5
Viqar Husain General Covariance and SUSY Without SUSX CGPG-96/7-1
Jorge Pullin Lattice Knot Theory and Quantum Gravity in the Loop Representation CGPG-96/8-1
Pablo Laguna Density of Kinks After a Quench: When Symmetry Breaks, How Big Are the Pieces? CGPG-96/8-2
Jorge Pullin, R. Gleiser, C. Nicasio, R. Price Colliding Black Holes: How Far Can the Close Approximation Go? CGPG-96/9-1
Pablo Laguna, W. Krivan, P. Papadopoulos Dynamics of Scalar Fields in the Background of Rotating Black Holes CGPG-96/9-2
Lee Smolin Three Dimensional Strings as Collective Coordinates of Four Dimensional Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity CGPG-96/9-3
Lee Smolin The Classical Limit and the Form of the Hamiltonian Constraint in Non-Perturbative Quantum General Relativity CGPG-96/9-4
Erik Martinez The Postulates of Gravitational Thermodynamics CGPG-96/9-5
Kirill V. Krasnov Counting Surface States in the Loop Quantum Gravity CGPG-96/9-6
Abhay Ashtekar Large Quantum Gravity Effects: Unexpected Limitations of the Classical Theory CGPG-96/10-1
Pablo Laguna, A. Panaitescu, L. Wen, P. Meszaros Impact of Relativistic Fireballs on External Matter: Numerical Models of Cosmological Gamma-Ray Bursts CGPG-96/10-2
Philippos Papadopoulos, Pablo Laguna Cauchy-Characteristic of Einstein-Klein-Gordon Systems: The Black Hole Regime CGPG-96/10-3
Viqar Husain, Glenn Barnich Geometrical Representation of the Constraints of Euclidean General Relativity CGPG-96/11-1
Alejandro Corichi, Jose Zapata On Diffeomorphism Invariance for Lattice Theories CGPG-96/11-2
William Krivan, Patrick Brady, C. Chambers, Pablo Laguna Telling Tails in the Presence of a Cosmological Constant CGPG-96/11-3
Abhay Ashtekar Geometric Issues in Quantum Gravity CGPG-96/11-4
Lee Smolin Galactic Disks as Reaction-Diffusion Systems CGPG-96/11-5
P. Laguna, A. Panaitescu, L. Wen A Shock-Patching Code for Ultra-Relativistic Fluid Flows CGPG-96/12-1
P. Laguna, L. Bettencourt, R. Matzner Non-Intercommuting Cosmic Strings CGPG-96/12-2

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