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Preprints for 1997

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
John Baker, Chun Biu Li The Two-Phase Approximation for Black Hole Collisions: Is it robust? CGPG-97/1-1
Kirill Krasnov On Statistical Mechanics of Schwarzschild Black Hole CGPG-97/1-2
Abhay Ashtekar Mathematical Problems of Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/1-3
Seth Major, Viqar Husain CGPG-97/2-1
Fotini Markopoulou, Lee Smolin Causal Evolution of Spin Networks CGPG-97/2-2
Lee Smolin The Future of Spin Networks CGPG-97/2-3
Abhay Ashtekar Quantum Mechanics of Riemannian Geometry CGPG-97/2-4
William Krivan, Pablo Laguna, Philippos Papadopoulos, Nils Andersson Dynamics of Perturbations of Rotating Black Holes CGPG-97/3-1
Patrick Brady, Teviet Creighton, Curt Cutler, Bernard Schutz Searching for Periodic Sources with LIGO CGPG-97/3-2
Lee Smolin, Stuart Kaufmann A Possible Solution to the Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology CGPG-97/3-3
Rodolfo Gambini Chern-Simons States in Spin Network Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/3-4
Murat Gunaydin Seven Sphere and the Exceptional Nonlinear Superconformal Algebras CGPG-97/3-5
Viqar Husain Constants of Motion for Vacuum General Relativity CGPG-97/3-6
Jose A. Zapata A Combinatorial Approach to Diffeomorphism Invariant Quantum Gauge Theories CGPG-97/3-7
Jose A. Zapata Combinatorial Space from Loop Quantum Gravity CPGP-97/3-8
John C. Baez, Kirill Krasnov Quantization of Diffeomorphism-Invariant Theories with Fermions CGPG-97/3-9
John C. Baez Degenerate Solutions of General Relativity from Topological Field Theory CGPG-97/3-10
Curt Cutler Angular Resolution of the LISA Gravitational Wave Detector CGPG-97/3-11
Alejandro Corichi and Kirill Krasnov Loop Quantization of Maxwell Theory and Electric Charge Quantization CGPG-97/3-12
Lee Smolin Chern-Simons Theory in 11 Dimensions as a Non-Perturbative Phase of M Theory CGPG-97/3-13
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin Large Quantum Gravity Effects: Backreaction on Matter CGPG-97/4-1
Viqar Husain CGPG097/4-2
Roumen Borissov, Roberto De Pietri and Carlo Rovelli Matrix Elements of Thiemann’s Hamiltonian Constraint in Loop Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/4-3
Pablo Laguna, Alex Wolszczan Pulse Arrival-Times from Binary Pulsars with Rotating Black Hole Companions CGPG-97/5-1
Pablo Laguna, Wojciech Hubert Zurek Density of Topological Defects After a Quench CGPG-97/5-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Troy Schilling Geometrical Formulation of Quantum Mechanics CGPG-97/6-1
Kirill Krasnov CGPG-97/6-2
Nuno Costas Dias Generalized Quantum Mechanics CGPG-97/6-3
Nuno Costas Dias Half Quantization CGPG-97/6-4
Nuno Costas Dias From Quantum to Classical Mechanics CGPG-97/6-5
J. David Brown, Viqar Husain Black Holes with Short Hair CGPG-97/7-1
Eli Hawkins Quantization of Equivariant Vector Bundles CGPG-97/8-1
Fotini Markopoulou Dual Formulation of Spin Network Evolution CGPG-97/8-2
Hans-Peter Nollert A Slightly Less Grand Challenge: Colliding Black Holes Using Perturbation Techniques CGPG-97/9-1
Hans-Peter Nollert Quasinormal Ringdown: The Late State of Neutron Star Mergers CGPG-97/9-2
Abhay Ashtekar, J. Baez, A. Corichi, K. Krasnov Quantum Geometry and Black Hole Entropy CGPG-97/9-3
Kirill Krasnov Quantum Gravity and Thermal Radiation of Black Holes CGPG-97/9-4
Kirill Krasnov On The Constant that Fixes the Area Spectrum in Canonical Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/9-5
Saint Claire Cemin and Lee Smolin Coevolution of Membranes and Channels: A Possible Step in the Origin of Life CGPG-97/9-6
Rodolfo Gambini, Jerzy Lewandowski, Don Marolf, Jorge Pullin On the Consistency of the Constraint Algebra in Spin Network Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/10-1
Jorge Pullin, Reinaldo Gleiser, Carlos Nicasio, Richard Price Evolving the Bowen-York Initial Data for Spinning Black Holes CGPG-97/10-2
Reinaldo Gleiser Mass Correction and Gravitational Energy Radiation in Black Hole Perturbation Theory CGPG-97/10-3
Lee Smolin Covariant Quantization of Membrane Dynamics CGPG-97/10-4
Abhay Ashtekar, Jerzy Lewandowski Quantum Theory of Geometry II: Volume Operators CGPG-97/11-1
Roberto De Pietri Equivalence Between the Connection and the Loop Representation of Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/11-2
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Griego, Jorge Pullin A Spin Network Generalization of the Jones Polynomial and Vassiliev Invariants CGPG-97/11-3
Pablo Laguna, Wojciech Hubert Zurek Critical Dynamics of Symmetry Breaking: Quenches, Dissipation and Cosmology CGPG-97/12-1
Raymond Puzio, John Baker A New Method for Solving the Initial Value Problem with Application to Multiple Black Holes CGPG-97/12-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Viqar Husain Symmetry Reduced Einstein Gravity and Generalized s and Chiral Models CGPG-97/12-3
Lee Smolin Using Neutron Stars and Primordial Black Holes to Test Theories of Quantum Gravity CGPG-97/12-4
Fotini Markopoulou, Lee Smolin Nonperturbative Dynamics for Abstract (p,q) String Networks CGPG-97/12-5
Fotini Markopoulou, Lee Smolin Quantum Geometry with Intrinsic Local Causality CGPG-97/12-6

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