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Preprints for 1998

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Lee Smolin Strings as Pertrubations of Evolving Spin-Networks CGPG-98/1-1
Rodolfo Gambini, Octavio Obregon, Jorge Pullin Yang-Mills Analogues of the Immirzi Ambiguity CGPG-98/1-3
Chris Beetle Midi-Superspace Quantization of Non-Compact Toroidally Symmetric Gravity CGPG-98/1-2
Jorge Pullin, Carlos Nicasio, Reinaldo Gleiser, Richard Price The Collision of Boosted Black Holes: Second Order Close Limit Calculations CGPG-98/2-1
Nils Andersson, Pablo Laguna, Philippos Papadopoulos Dynamics of Scalar Fields in the Background of Rotating Black Holes II: A Note on Superradiance CGPG-98/2-3
Jorge Pullin Colliding Black Holes: Analytic Insights CGPG-98/2-4
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Griego, Jorge Pullin Vassiliev Invariants: A New Framework for Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/3-1
Kirill Krasnov Note on the Area Spectrum in Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/3-2
Kirill Krasnov Quanta of Geometry and Rotating Black Holes CGPG-98/3-3
Manuela Campanelli, Carlos Lousto, John Baker, Gaurav Khanna, Jorge Pullin The Imposition of Cauchy Data to the Teukolsky Equation The Rotating Case CGPG-98/3-4
Raymond Puzio The Einstein-Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Formulated Directly on Superspace CGPG-98/4-1
Abhay Ashtekar and Kirill Krasnov Quantum Geometry and Black Holes CGPG-98/4-2
Laurent Freidel and Kirill Krasnov Discrete Space-Time Volume for 3-Dimensional BF Theory and Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/4-4
Laurent Freidel and Kirill Krasnov Spin Foam Models and the Classical Action Principle CGPG-98/4-5
Laurent Freidel From sl(2) Kirby Weight Systems to the Asymptotic Rational Homology-3 Sphere Quantum Invariant CGPG-98/5-1
Roberto DePietri and Laurent Freidel so(4) Plebanski Action and Relativistic Spin Foam Model CCPG-98/5-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Alejandro Corichi and Jose Zapata Quantum Theory of Geometry III: Non-commutativity of Riemannian Structures CCPG-98/6-1
Martin Rainer and Z. Zhuk Einstein and Brans-Dicke Frames in Multidimensional Cosmology CGPG-98/6-2
Jorge Pullin An Overview of Canonical Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/7-1
Jorge Pullin Gravitational Radiation from Schwarzschild Black Holes: The Second Order Perturbation Formalism CGPG-98/7-2
Lee Smolin Towards a Background Independent Approach to M Theory CGPG-98/8-1
Lee Smolin A Holographic Formulation of Quantum General Relativity CGPG-98/8-3
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin Nonstandard Optics from Quantum Spacetime CGPG-98/9-1
John Barrett, Ruth Williams Asymptotics of an Amplitude for 4-Simplex CGPG-98/9-2
Gabrielle Allen, Karen Camarda, Edward Seidel Black Hole Spectroscopy: Determining Waveforms from 3D Excited Black Holes CGPG-98/9-3
Karen Camarda, Edward Seidel Three-dimensional Simulations of Distorted Black Holes. I. Comparison with Axisymmetric Results CGPG-98/9-4
Gabrielle Allen, Karen Camarda, Edward Seidel Evolution of Distorted Black Holes: A Perturbative Approach CGPG-98/9-5
Othmar Brodbeck, Simonetta Frittelli, Oscar Reula, Peter Hubner Einstein's Equations with Asymptotically Stable Constraint Propagation CGPG-98/9-6
Stuart Kauffman, Lee Smolin Combinatorial Dynamics in Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/9-7
Roumen Borissov, Sameer Gupta Propagating Spin Modes in Canonical Quantum Gravity CGPG-98/10-1
Eli Hawkins The Correspondence Between Geometric Quantization and Formal Deformation Quantization CGPG-98/11-1
Fotini Markopoulou The Internal Description of a Causal Set: What the Universe Looks Like from the Inside CGPG-98/11-2
Jacek Dziarmaga, Pablo Laguna, Wojciech H. Zurek Symmetry Breaking with a Slant: Topological Defects after an Inhomogeneous Quench CGPG-98/12-1
Holly Nordquist, Robert Klingler, Pablo Laguna, Jane Charlton Distortion of Globular Clusters by Galactic Bulges CGPG-98/12-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Chris Beetle, Stephen Fairhurst Isolated Horizons: A Generalization of Black Hole Mechanics CGPG-98/12-3
Abhay Ashtekar Quantum Mechanics of Geometry CGPG-98/12-4

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