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Preprints for 2000

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Carlos Nicasio, Reinaldo Gleiser, Jorge Pullin Second Order Perturbations of a Schwarzschild Black Hole: Inclusion of Odd Parity Perturbations CGPG-00/1-1
Reinaldo Gleiser, Gaurav Khanna, Richard Price, Jorge Pullin Close Limit of Grazing Black Hole collisions: Non-Spinning Holes CGPG-00/3-1
Soumya Mohanty Robust Test for Detecting Non-Stationarity in Data from Gravitational Wave Detectors CGPG-00/3-2
Yi Ling and Lee Smolin Eleven Dimensional Supergravity as a Constrained Topologial Field CGPG-00/4-1
Saurya Das, Amit Ghosh, P. Mitra Statistical Entropy of Schwarzschild Black Strings and Black Holes CGPG-00/5-1
Yongge Ma, Yi Ling The Classical Geometry from a Physical State in Canonical Quantum Gravity CGPG-00/5-2
Hisaaki Shinkai Hyperbolic Formulations and Numerical Relativity: Experiments Using Ashtekar’s Connection Variables CGPG-00/5-3
Abhay Ashtekar, Stephen Fairhurst, Badri Krishnan Isolated Horizons: Hamiltonian Evolution and the First Law CGPG-00/5-4
Abhay Ashtekar, John Baez, Kirill Krasnov Quantum Geometry of Isolated Horizons and Black Hole Entropy CGPG-00/5-5
Abhay Ashtekar, Christopher Beetle, Olaf Dreyer, Stephen Fairhurst, Badri Krishnan, Jerzy Lewandowski, Jacek Wisniewski Isolated Horizons and Their Applications CGPG-00/6-1
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin Quantum Gravity Experimental Physics? GGPG-00/6-2
Gabriela Gonzalez Suspensions Thermal Noise in LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector CGPG-00/6-3
Fotini Markopoulou Using the Kreimer Hopf algebra to coarse-grain spin foams. CGPG-00/6-4
Saurya Das, Romesh Kaula nd Parthasarathi Majumdar A New Holographic Entropy Bound from Quantum Geometry CGPG-00/6-5
Gen Yoneda, Hisaaki Shinkai Hyperbolic Formulations and Numerical Relativity II: Asymptotically Constrained System of the Einstein Equation CGPG-00/7-1
Hisaaki Shinkai, Sean Hayward Quasi-Spherical Approximation for Rotating Black Holes CGPG-00/8-1
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin Making Classical and Quantum Canonical General Relativity Computable through a Power Series Expansion in the Inverse Cosmological Constant CGPG-00/8-2
Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin The Large Cosmological Constant Approximation to Classical and Quantum Gravity: Model Examples CGPG-00/8-3
Abhay Ashtekar, Donald Marolf, Jose Mourao , Thomas Thiemann Constructing Hamiltonian Quantum Theories from Path Integrals in a Diffeomorphism Invariant Context CGPG-00/8-4
Andrew Chamblin, Harvey S. Reall, Hisa-aki Shinkai, Tetsuya Shiromizu Charged Brane-World Black Holes CGPG-00/8-5
Lee Samuel Finn Data Conditioning for Gravitational Wave Detectors: A Kalman Filter for Regressing Suspension Violin Modes CGPG-00/9-1
Yongge Ma, Yi Ling The Q Operator for Canonical Quantum Gravity CGPG-00/9-2
Yi Ling, Lee Smolin Holographic Formulation of Quantum Supergravity CGPG-00/9-3
Yi Ling Introduction to Supersymmetric Spin Networks CGPG-00-9/4
Keith Lockitch, Nils Andersson, John Friedman The Rotational Modes of Relativistic Stars, I: Analytic Results CGPG-00/9-5
Steve Fairhurst, Badri Krishnan Distorted Black Holes with Charge CGPG-00-10/1
Manuela Campanelli, Gaurav Khanna, Pablo Laguna, Jorge Pullin, Michael Ryan Perturbations of the Kerr Spacetime in Horizon Penetrating Coordinates CGPG-00/10-2
Lee Samuel Finn Aperture Synthesis for Gravitational-Wave Data Analysis: Deterministic Sources CGPG-00/10-3
Abhay Ashtekar, Alejandro Corichi, Daniel Sudarsky Hairy Black Holes, Horizon Mass and Solitons CGPG-00/11-2
Hisaaki Shinkai, Gen Yoneda Hyperbolic Formulations and Numerical Relativity CGPG-00/11-3
Hisaaki Shinkai, Gen Yoneda Will Hyperbolic Formulations Help Numerical Relativity? CGPG-00/11-4

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