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Preprints for 2001

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Olaf Dreyer, Amit Ghosh, Jacek Wisniewski Black Hole Entropy Calculations Based on Symmetries CGPG-01/1-1
Lee S. Finn LIGO’s “Science Reach” CGPG-01/2-3
John Friedman, Keith Lockitch Implications of the R-Mode Instability of Rotating Relativistic Stars CGPG-01/3-1
Gen Yoneda, Hisaaki Shinkai Constraint Propagation in the Family of ADM Systems CGPG-01/3-2
Abhay Ashtekar, Chris Beetle, Jerzy Lewandowski Mechanics of Rotating Isolated Horizons CGPG-01/3-3
Bernard Kelly, Pablo Laguna, Keith Lockitch, Jorge Pullin, Erik Schnetter, Deirdre Shoemaker, Manuel Tiglio A Cure for Unstable Numerical Evolutions of Single Black Holes: Adjusting the Standard ADM Equation CGPG-01/4-1
Lee S. Finn, Albert Lazzarini Modulating the Experimental Signature of a Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background CGPG-01/4-2
Martin Bojowald Dynamical Initial Conditions in Quantum Cosmology CGPG-01/4-3
Olivier Sarbach, Manuel Tiglio Gauge-Invariant Perturbations of Schwarzschild Black Holes in Horizon-Penetrating Coordinates CGPG-01/4-5
Martin Bojowald The Inverse Scale Factor in Isotropic Quantum Geometry CGPG-01/5-1
Martin Bojowald The SemiClassical Limit of Loop Quantum Cosmology CGPG-01/5-2
Stephon Alexander, Yi Ling, Lee Smolin A Thermal Instability for Positive Brane Cosmological Constant in the Randall-Sundrum Cosmologies CGPG-01/6-1
Keith Lockitch, Nils Andersson Regularizing the R-Mode Problem for Nonbarotropic relativistic Stars CGPG-01/7-1
Abhay Ashtekar, Jerzy Lewandowski Relation Between Polymer and Fock Excitations CGPG-01/7-2
Yongge Ma Quantization of the Static Space-Times CGPG-01/8-1
J. Alfaro, H.A. Morales-Tecotl, L.F. Urrutia Loop Quantum Gravity Effective Matter Dynamics CGPG-01/8-2
J. Alfaro, H.A. Morales-Tecotl, L.F. Urrutia Loop Quantum Gravity and Light Propagation CGPG-01/8-3
L.S. Finn and P. Sutton Bounding the Mass of the Graviton Using Binary Pulsar Observations CGPG-01/9-1
F. Girelli, R. Oeckl, A. Perez Spin Foam Diagrammatics and Topological Invariance CGPG-01/10-1
A. Sen Ghost Structure and Closed Strings in Vacuum String Field Theory CGPG-01/11-1
A. Sen String Field Theory CGPG-01/11-2
A. Ashtekar, C. Beetle, J. Lewandowski Geometry of Generic Isolated Horizons CGPG-01/11-3

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