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Preprints for 2002

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Ashoke Sen To Be Announced CGPG-02/1-1
Ashoke Sen Patters in Open String Field Theory Solutions CGPG-02/1-2
Ashoke Sen Star Algebra Projectors CGPG-02/1-3
Abhay Ashtekar Quantum Geometry in Action: Bing Bang and Black Holes CGPG-02/1-4
Patrick Sutton Vacuum Polarization in Two-Dimensional Static Spacetimes and Dimensional Reduction CGPG-02/2-1
Martin Bojowald Isotropic Loop Quantum Cosmology CGPG-02/2-2
Alejandro Perez Spin Foam Quantization of SO (4) Plebanski's Action CGPG-02/3-1
Ashok Sen Rolling Tachyon CGPG-02/3-2
Ashok Sen Tachyon Matter CGPG-02/3-3
Martin Bojowald Quantization Ambiguities in Isotropic Quantum Geometry CGPG-02/6-1
Martin Bojowald Inflation from Quantum Geometry CGPG-02/6-2
Dreyer Olaf Introduction to Isolated Horizons in Numerical Relativity CGPG-02/6-3
Martin Bojowald Isotropic Loop Quantum Cosmology with Matter CGPG-02/7-1
Abhay Ashtekar Quantum Gravity, Shadow States and Quantum Mechanics CGPG-02/7-2
Abhay Ashtekar Dynamical Horizons: Energy, Angular Momentum, Fluxes and Balance Laws CGPG-02/7-3
Abhay Ashtekar Isolated Horizons in 2+1 Gravity CGPG-02/9-1
Daniel Sudarsky On Black Hole Scalar Hair in Asymptotically Anti de Sitter Spacetime CGPG-02/9-2
Nina Jansen Local and Global Properties of Conformal Initial Data for Black Hole Collisions CGPG-02/10-1
Shiho Kobayashi GRB 021004: Reverse Shock Emission CGPG-02/10-2
Shiho Kobayashi Gravitational Radiation from Gamma-Ray Bursts Progenitors  CGPG-02/10-3
Shiho Kobayashi Relativistic Plasma Physics CGPG-02/10-4
Abhay Ashtekar Polymer and Fock Representations for a Scalar Field CGPG-02/11-1
Abhay Ashtekar Physical Issues of Quantum Gravity: Black Holes and Big Bang CGPG-02/11-2
Christian Fleischhack Regular Connections Among Generalized Connections CGPG-02/11-3
Daniel Sudarsky Bounds on Stringy Quantum Gravity from Low Energy Existing Data CGPG-02/12-1

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