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Preprints for 2003

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Lee Samuel Finn No Statistical Excess in Explorer/Nautilus Observations in the Year 2001 CGPG-03/1-1
Shiho Kabayashi Polarized Gravitational Waves from Gamma-Ray Bursts CGPG-03/1-2
Alejandro Perez Spin Foam Models for Quantum Gravity CGPG-03/1-3
Hanno Sahlmann On the Superselection Theory of the Weyl Algebra for Diffeomorphism Invariant Quantum Guage Theories CGPG-03/2-1
Shiho Kabayashi Gamma-Ray Burst Early Optical Afterglow: Implications for the Initial Lorentz Factor and the Central Engine CGPG-03/2-2
Martin Bojowald Spin Foam Quantization and Anomalies CGPG-03/3-1
Shiho Kobayashi Dispersion of Break Energy in the GRB Internal Shock Model CGPG-03/3-2
Hanno Sahlmann Irreducibility of the Ashtekar-Isham-Lewandowski Represernation CGPG-03/3-3
Martin Bojowald Loop Quantum Cosmology, Boundary Proposals and Inflation CGPG-03/3-4
Martin Bojowald Homogeneous Loop Quantum Cosmology CGPG-03/3-5
Christian Fleischhack Parallel Transports in Webs CGPG-03/3-6
Christian Flwischhack Proof of a Conjecture of Lewandowski and Thiemann CGPG-03/3-7
Shiho Kobayashi Early Optical Afterglows from Wind-Type Gamma-Ray Bursts CGPG-03/3-8
Lee Samuel Finn Swift Pointing and the Association Between Gamma-Ray Bursts and Gravitational-Wave Bursts; CGPG-03/4-1
Michael Ashley Curvature Singularities and Abstract Boundary Singularity Theorems for Space-Time CGPG-3/4-2
Patrick J. Sutton Swift Pointing and Gravitational-Wave Bursts from Gamma-Ray Bursts Events CGPG-03/4-3
Abhay Ashtekar Mathematical Structure of Loop Quantum Cosmology CGPG-03/4-4
Martin Bojowald Classical Solutions for Poisson Sigma Models on a Riemann Surface CGPG-03/4-5
Peter Meszaros High Energy Photons, Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves from Gamm-Ray Bursts CGPG-03/5-1
Martin Bojowald Initial Conditions for a Universer CGPG-03/5-2
Abhay Ashtekar Non-Minimally Coupled Scalar Fields and Isolated Horizons CGPG-03/5-3
Abhay Ashtekar Non Minimal Couplings, Quantum Geometry and Black Hole Entropy CGPG-03/5-4
Hanno Sahlmann To Be Announced CGPG-03/5-5
John McNabb Hyperon Photoproduction in the Nucleon Resonance Region CGPG-03/5-6
Michael Ashley Curvature Singularities and Abstract Boundary Singularity Theorems for Space-Time CGPG-3/5-7
Martin Bojowald Cosmological Applications of Loop Quantum Gravity CGPG-03/6-1
Wolfgang Tichy Gauge Conditions for Binary Black Hole Puncture Data Based on an Approximate Helical Killing Vector CGPG-03/6-2
Abhay Ashtekar How Black Holes Grow CGPG-03/6-3
Bernd Bruegmann Maximal Slicing for Puncture Evolutions of Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstroem Black Holes CGPG-03/7-1
Bernard Kelly Black Hole Spectroscopy: Testing General RElativisty through Gravity Wave Observations CGPG-03/7-2
Abhay Ashtekar Dynamical Horizons and Their Properties CGPG-03/7-3
Wolfgang Tichy Quasi-Equilibrium Binary Black Holes Sequences for Puncture Data Derived from Helical Killing Vector Conditions CGPG-03/7-4
Deirdre Shoemaker Moving Black Holes Via Singularity Excision CGPG-03/7-5
Pablo Laguna Numerical Stability of a New Conformal-Traceless 3+1 Formulation of the Einstein Equation CGPG-03/7-6
Ulrich Sperhake Impact of Densitized Lapse Slicings on Evolutions of a Wobbling CGPG-03/7-7
Bernd Reimann Maximal Slicing for Puncture Evolutions of Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstrom Black Holes CGPG-03/7-8
Martin Bojowald Consistency Conditions for Fundamentally Discrete Theories CGPG-03/7-9
Nina Jansen Numerical Stability of the AA Evolution System Compared to the ADM and BSSN Systems CGPG-03/8-1
Ulrich Sperhake Deflection of Light and Particles by Moving Gravitational Lenses CGPG-03/8-2
Shiho Kobayashi A Characteristic Wind Signature in Prompt GRB Afterglows CGPG-03/8-3
Abhay Ashtekar Beyond Einstein: Gravity, Geometry and Quantum CGPG-03/9-1
Martin Bojowald Quantum Gravity and the Big Bang CGPG-03/9-2
Tamara Bogdanovic Tidal Disruption of a Star by a Black Hole: Observational Signature CGPG-03/9-3
A.L. Watts The Nature of Low T/W Bynamical Instabilities in Differentially Rotating Stars CGPG-03/10-1
Pablo Laguna Conformal-Thin-Sandwich Initial Data for a Single Boosted or Spinning Black Hole Puncture CGPG-03/10-2
Alejandro Perez Comments on Challenges for Quantum Gravity CGPG-03/10-3
Martin Bojowald A Non-Chaotic Quantum Bianchi IX Universe and the Quantum Structure of Classical Singularities CGPG-03/10-4
Martin Bojowald Homogeneous Loop Quantum Cosmology: The Role of the Spin Connection CGPG-03/10-5
Bernd Bruegmann Late Time Analysis for Maximal Slicing of Reissner-Nordstrom Puncture Evolutions CGPG-03/12-1
B. Abbott Detector Description and Performance for the First Coincidence Observations Between LIGO and GEO CGPG-3/12-2
Bernd Riemann Late Time Analysis for Maximal Slicing of Reissner-Nordstrom Puncture Evolutions CGPG-03/12-3
B. Abbott Setting Upper Limits on the Strength of Periodic Grav. Waves Using the First Science Data from GE0 600 and LIGO Detectors CGPG-3/12-4
B. Abbott Analysis of LIGO Data for Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars CGPG-3/12-5
B. Abbott First Upper Limits from LIGO on Gravitational Wave Bursts CGPG-3/12-6
B. Abbott Analysis of First LIGO Science Data for Stochastic Gravitational Waves CGPG-3/12-7

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