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Preprints for 2004

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
Shiho Kobayashi Bulk Compton Emission in the GRB Internal Shock Model IGPG-04/12-6
B. Allen and G. Woan Upper Limits on the strength of periodic gravitational waves from PSF J1939+2134 IGPG-04/12-5
Alan J. Weinstein First upper limits from LIGO on gravitational wave bursts IGPG-04/12-4
Gabriela Gonzalez Searching for inspiralling neutron stars in LIGO S1 data IGPG-04/12-3
John T. Whelan First upper limit analysis and results from LIGO science data: stochastic background IGPG-04/12-2
Duncan A. Brown Testing the LIGO inspiral analysis with hardware injections IGPG-04/12-1
Abhay Ashtekar Quantum Horizons and Black Hole Entropy: Inclusion of Distortion and Rotation IGPG-04/11-9
Ben Owen Maximum Elastic Deformations of Compact Stars with Exotic Equations of State IGPG-04/11-8
Hanno Sahlmann On Loop Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and the Issue of Lorentz Invariance IGPG-04/11-7
Carlos F. Sopuerta Coupling of Radial and Non-Radial Oscillations of Neutron Stars IGPG-04/11-6
Jose Gonzalez Paper Forthcoming IGPG-04/11-5
Karim Noui On the Physical Hilbert Space of Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-04/11-4
Michelle B. Larson Search for Correlated High Energy Cosmic Ray Events with CHICOS IGPG-04/11-3
Michelle B. Larson Universe Interactive: Static Displays with Active Components IGPG-04/11-2
Chris Van Den Broeck The Gravitational Wave Spectrum of Non-Axisymmetric, Freely Precessing Neutron Stars IGPG-04/11-1
Bernd Bruegmann A Global Asymptotic Metric for Non-Rotating Binary Black Holes IGPG-04/10-6
Bernd Bruegmann Testing Excision Techniques for Dynamical 3D Black Hole Evaluations IGPG-04/10-5
Bernd Bruegmann Dynamical Evolution of Quasi-Circular Binary Black Hole Data IGPG-04/10-4
Abhay Ashtekar Gravity and the Quantum IGPG-04/10-3
Deirdre Shoemaker Initial Data for Einstein's Equations with Superposed Gravitational Waves IGPG-04/10-2
Shiho Kobayashi Optical Afterglows of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and GRB 040924 IGPG-04/10-1
Kunihito Ioka Long-Acting Engine or Strong Temporal Anisotropy Inferred from Variabilities of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows IGPG-04/9-2
Alejandro Perez Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin Foams IGPG-04/9-1
Abhay Ashtekar Black Hole Evaporation: A Paradigm IGPG-04/8-4
Karim Noui Dynamics of Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin Foam IGPG-04/1-1
Karim Noui Observability and Geometry in Three Dimensional Quantum Gravity IGPG-04/1-2
Abhay Ashtekar Multipole Moments of Isolated Horizons IGPG-04/1-3
Nico Yunes Power-Laws from Critical Gravitational Collapse: The Mass Distribution of Subsolar Objects IGPG-04/2-1
Karim Noui Three Dimensional Loop Quantum Gravity: Coupling to Point Particles IGPG-04/2-2
Karim Noui Three Dimensional Loop Quantum Gravity: Physical Scalar Product and Spin Foam Models IGPG-04/2-3
Nico Yunes Testing Alternative Theories of Gravity Using LISA IGPG-04/3-1
Tamara Bogdanovic Observational Signature of Tidal Disruption of a Star by a Massive Black Hole IGPG-04/3-2
Abhay Ashtekar Background Independent Quantum Gravity: A Status Report IGPG-04/4-1
Karim Noui Hamiltonian Analysis of Plebanski Theory IGPG-04/4-2
Shiho Kobayashi Gamma-Ray Burst Early Afterglows: Reverse Shock Emission from an Arbitratily Magnetized Ejecta
Shiho Kobayashi Gravitational Wave and X-Ray Signals from Stellar Disruption by a Massive Black Hole IGPG-04/4-4
Nico Yunes Universality of the Subsolar Mass Distribution from Critical Gravitational Collapse IGPG-04/4-5
Alejandro Perez Lorentz Invariance and Quantum Gravity: An Additional Fine Tuning Problem? IGPG-04/5-1
Kunihito Ioka Gravitational Wave Memory of Gamma-Ray Burst Jets IGPG-04/5-2
Hanno Sahlmann Kinematical Quantum Algebra for Theories of Connections and Uniqueness of its Representation in the Diffeomorphism Invariant IGPG-04/5-3
John McNabb Overview of the Block Normal Event Triger Generator IGPG-04/6-1
Ian Jones Is Timing Noise Important in the Gravitational Wave Detection of Pulsars IGPG-04/6-2
Kunihito Ioka Extended GeV-TeV Emission around a Gamma-Ray Burst Remnant: The Case of W49B IGPG-04/6-3
Abhay Ashtekar Isolated and Dynamical Horizons and Their Applications IGPG-04/7-1
Bernd Bruegmann Numerical Simulation of Orbiting Black Holes IGPG-04/7-2
Carlos F. Sopuerta Coupling of Radial and Non-Radial Oscillations of Relativistic Stars: Gauge-Invariant Formalisms IGPG-04/7-3
D.I. Jones Bounding the Mass of the Graviton Using Eccentric Binaries IGPG-04/8-1
Martin Bojowald Time Dependence in Quantum Gravity IGPG-04/8-2
Kunihito Ioka Radio Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Hypernovae at High Redshift, and their Potential for 21-cm Absorption Studies IGPG-04/8-3

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