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Preprints for 2005

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
M. Nayyar & B. Owen R-modes of Accreting Hyperon Stars as Persistent Sources of Gravitational Waves IGPG-05/12-1
J. Engle Quantum Geometry and Black Hole Entropy: Inclusion of Distortion and Rotation IGPG-05/11-6
J. Engle Quantum Field Theory and Its Symmetry Reduction IGPG-05/11-4
N. Yunes Metric of a Tidally Perturbed Spinning Black Hole IGPG-05/11-3
S. Larson LISA: A Modern Astrophysical Observatory IGPG-05/11-2
S. Larson Contribution of Compact Mass Transferring Systems to the Galactic Gravitational Wave Background IGPG-05/11-1
Christian Fleischhack Construction of Generalized Connections IGPG-05/9-4
A. Ashtekar Black Hole Mechanics IGPG-05/9-3
A. Ashtekar /Quantum Geometry and Its Applications IGPG-05/9-2
A. Ashtekar Quantum Geometry and the Schwarzschild Singularity IGPG-05/9-1
A. Ashtekar The Winding Road to Quantum Gravity IGPG-05/8-6
B. Zhang Physical processes shaping GRB X-ray afterglow lightcurves: theoretical implications from the Swift XRT observations IGPG-05/8-5
J.R. Gair Semi-relativistic approximation to gravitational radiation from encounters with black holes IGPG-05/8-4
J.R. Gair Gravitational radiation timescales for extreme mass ratio inspirals IGPG-05/8-3
S.D. Barthelmy Unraveling the origin of short gamma-ray bursts IGPG-05/8-2
M. De Pasquale Swift and optical observations of GRB050401 IGPG-05/8-1
Carlos Sopuerta A Toy Model for Testing Finite Methods to Simulate Extreme-Mass-Ratio Binary Systems IGPG-05/7-3
B. Lackey Observational Constraints on Hyperons in Neutron Stars IGPG-05/7-2
P. Singh Semi-classical States, Effective Dynamics and Classical Emergence in Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-05/7-1
R. Goswami Quantum evaporation of a naked singularity IGPG-05/6-8
J.E. Hill GRB 050117: Simultaneous Gamma-ray and X-ray Observations with the Swift Satellite IGPG-05/6-7
G. Chincarini Prompt and afterglow early X-ray phases in the commoving frame. Evidence for Univeral properties? IGPG-05/6-6
I. Booth Marginally Trapped Tubes and Dynamical Horizons IGPG-05/6-5
Abhay Ashtekar Einstein's Dreams -- A Scientific and Political Vision for our Future IGPG-05/6-4
D.N. Burrows Bright X-ray flares in XRF 050406 and GRB 050502B provide evidence for extended central engine activity IGPG-05/6-3
N. Gehrels The first localization of a short gamma-ray burst by Swift IGPG-05/6-2
S. Kobayashi Inverse Compton X-ray Flare from GRB Reverse Shock IGPG-05/6-1
P.W.A. Roming Diverse Origins of Optically-Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts: Obsreved by the Swift Satellite IGPG-05/5-3
G. Cusumano Swift XRT Observationsof the Afterglow of GRB 050319 IGPG-05/5-2
G. Tagliaferri The Steeply Decaying Early Afterglow of Two Gamma Ray Bursts Observed by SWIFT IGPG-05/5-1
Abhay Ashtekar Semiclassical States for Constrained Systems IGPG-05/4-3
S. Campana SWIFT Observations of GRB050128: The Early X-Ray Afterglow IGPG-05/4-2
Seth E. Timpano Characterizing the Galactic Gravitational Wave Background with LISA IGPG-05/4-1
M.B. Larson Science Icebreaker Activities: An Example from Gravitational Wave Astronomy IGPG-05/3-7
Abhay Ashtekar Some Uniqueness Results for Dynamical Horizons IGPG-05/3-6
Kunihito Ioka TeV-PeV Neutrinos from Giant Flares of Magnetars and Case of SGR 1806-20 IGPG-05/3-5
Uli Sperhake Black Hole Head-On Collisions and Gravitational Waves with Fixed Mesh-Refinement and Dynamic Singularity Excision IGPG-05/3-4
Parampreet Singh A Black Hole Mass Threshold from Non-Singular Quantum Gravitational Collapse IGPG-05/3-3
Tamara Bogdanovic Observational Signature of Tidal Disruption of a Star by a Massive Black Hole IGPG-05/3-2
Nico Yunes Binary Black Hole Initial Data from Matched Asymptotic Expansions IGPG-05/3-1
Kevin Vandersloot On the Hamiltonian Constraint of Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-05/2-4
Kunihito Ioka Spatial Correlation of Massive Black Hole Mergers: Probing the Formation Mechanism and the Reionization IGPG-05/2-3
Parampreet Singh Effective State Metamorphosis in Semi-Classical Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-05/2-2
Kunihito Ioka Giant Flare of SGR 1806-20 from a Relativistic Jet IGPG-05/2-1
Shane Larson Workshop Summary for "Imagining the Future: Gravitational Wave Astronomy" IGPG-05/1-3
Shiho Kobayashi SWIFT XRT & VLT Observations of the Afterglow of GRB 041223 IGPG-05/1-2
Kenneth Moody Black Hole Mergers in Globular Clusters with Realistic Inital Conditions IGPG-04/1-1

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