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Preprints for 2007

Author(s) Title Preprint Number
F. Herrmann et al Binary Black Holes: Spin Dynamics and Gravitational Recoil IGPG-07/6-6
M. Bojowald & G. Hossain Cosmological Vector Modes and Quantum Gravity Effects IGPG-07/6-5
F. Herrmann et al Unequal Mass Binary Black Hole Plunges and Gravitational Recoil IGPG-07/6-4
M. Bojowald & R. Das The Radiation Equation of State and Loop Quantum Gravity Corrections IGPG-07/6-3
M. Bojowald Effective Equations for Isotropic Quantum Cosmology Including Matter IGPG-07/6-2
K. Thorne Searching for Gravitational Wave Bursts with LIGO IGPG-07/6-1
B. Vaishnav et al Matched Filtering of Numerical Relativity Templates of Spinning Binary Black Holes IGPG-07/5-7
M. Bojowald The Role of Space-Time Structure in Effective Theory and Cosmology IGPG-07/5-6
M. Bojowald The Dark Side of a Patchwork Universe IGPG-07/5-5
A. Corichi & J. Zapata Quantum Structure of Geometry: Loopy and Fuzzy? IGPG-07/5-4
A. Ashtekar Loop Quantum Gravity: Four Recent Advances and a Dozen Frequently Asked Questions IGPG-07/5-3
A. Ashtekar & M. Bojowald Loop Quantum Cosmology I: Resolving the Big Bang Singularity from First Principles IGPG-07/5-2
D. Chiou & K. Vandersloot The Behavior of Non-Linear Anisotroies in Bouncing Bianchi I Models of Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-07/5-1
N. Yunes et al Relativistic Effects in Extreme Mass Ratio Gravitational Wave Bursts IGPG-07/4-3
M. Bojowald et al Lattice Refining Loop Quantum Cosmology, Anisotropic Models and Stablity IGPG-07/4-2
S. Alexander & N. Yunes Parametrized Post-Newtonian Expansion of Chern-Simons Gravity IGPG-07/4-1
M. Bojowald Dynamical Coherent States and Physical Solutions of Quantum Cosmological Bounces IGPG-07/3-5
S. Alexander & N. Yunes A New PPN Parameter to Test Chern-Simons Gravity IGPG-07/3-4
J. Magueijo & P. Singh Thermal Fluctuations in Loop Cosmology IGPG-07/3-3
A. Corichi et al Polymer Quantum Mechanics and Its Continuum Limit IGPG-07/3-2
A. Corichi Loop Quantum Gravity and Planck-Size Black Hole Entrophy IGPG-07/3-1
D. Chiou Effective Dynamics for the Cosmological Bounces in Bianchi Type I Loop Quantum Cosmology IGPG-07/2-5
M. Bojowald Singularities and Quantum Gravity IGPG-07/2-4
M. Bojowald Quantum Gravity and Cosmological Observations IGPG-07/2-3
T. Biswas & A. Notari "Swiss-Cheese" Inhomogeneous Cosmology and the Dark Energy Problem IGPG-07/2-2
S. Alexander & D. Vaid A Fine Tuning Free Resolution of Cosmological Constant Problem IGPG-07/2-1
A. Ashtekar An Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity Through Cosmology IGPG-07/1-2
F. Herrmann et al Gravitational Recoil from Spinning Binary Black Hole Mergers IGPG-07/1-1

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