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Professor of Physics
The Pennsylvania State University


E-mail: bjo10 ( address)
Phone: +1-814-863-9597
Fax: +1-814-863-9608
Office: 303 Whitmore


In Fall 2012 I will be teaching the first round of the new 4-unit version of PHYS 400, undergraduate electricity and magnetism out of Griffiths' book, now with a bit of waves included. Course materials will appear on ANGEL (accessible only to registered students).

Past courses include graduate and undergraduate general relativity (Carroll's book and Hartle's), advanced undergraduate quantum mechanics (Griffiths) and electricity and magnetism (Griffiths), beginning undergraduate electricity and magnetism (Halliday, Resnick, and Walker), and special topics in general relativity at the advanced graduate level (Chandrasekhar's book plus various papers).


These days I mostly work with the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) on searching for gravitational waves and using them to understand neutron stars. I also do smaller theory and phenomenology projects on the side involving neutron stars and occasionally black holes. Sometimes I also hang out with photon astronomers or nuclear or condensed matter physicists to convince them that LIGO is interesting.

Here are my complete publications. I have grayed out the papers where I did not contribute something directly. The LSC author list includes everyone for various reasons, including indirect contributions to the whole Collaboration. If you want an automated list with citations, the best source is this search.

Minions (current)

Ra Inta (postdoc)

Minions (emancipated)

Name Time Served Currently Previously
Steven J. Berukoff grad 2002-2003 DKIST Project Manager at National Solar Observatory PhD at UCLA (w/Hansen), scientific programmer at Caltech (astro), Scientist & Manager at NEON Inc (ecology)
D. Ian Jones CGWP postdoc 2002-2004 Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at U of Southampton  
Chad Hanna undergrad 2003-2004 (BS) Assistant Professor of Physics at Penn State PhD at LSU (w/Gonzalez), postdoc at Caltech (w/LIGO), Distinguished Research Fellow at Perimeter Institute
Thomas Essinger-Hileman undergrad 2005 (BS) postdoc at Johns Hopkins U PhD at Princeton U (NDSEG Fellow)
Benjamin D. Lackey undergrad 2004-2006 (BS) Research Associate at Syracuse U PhD at U Wisconsin Milwaukee (w/Friedman), postdoc at Princeton U (w/Pretorius)
David M. Whitbeck grad 2003-2006 (PhD) faculty at South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics faculty at Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, Ardmore Regional Center
Mohit Nayyar grad 2002-2007 (PhD) Data Engineer at Etsy geophysics at Penn State, Web Analyst at Wolfram Research
Nicolas Yunes (co-supervised w/S. Alexander) grad 2003-2008 (PhD) Assistant Professor of Physics at Montana State U postdoc at Princeton U (w/Pretorius), Einstein Fellow at MIT
Karl Wette (co-supervised w/S. Scott) grad 2006-2009 (PhD ANU) postdoc at Albert Einsten Institute in Hannover PhD at Australian National U (w/Scott)
Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel grad 2006-2011 (PhD) postdoc at ICTS Bangalore postdoc at U of Jena (w/Brügmann)
Richard O'Shaughnessy CGWP postdoc 2007-2010 Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences at RIT Research Associate in Physics at UW Milwaukee
Andrew P. Lundgren postdoc 2010-2011 postdoc at Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover  
Hanyuan Zhu undergrad 2011-2013 (BS) physics education software consultant  
Ashikuzzaman Idrisy grad 2011-2014 (PhD) Thompson-Reuters  
Treyton Stanton undergrad 2014