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Office: 413 Davey Laboratory
Address: 413 Davey Laboratory
Phone: 1-814-865-0150
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  1. David Alonso, Joseph Colosimo, Andreu Font-Ribera, An┼że Slosar, "Bias of damped Lyman- systems from their cross-correlation with CMB lensing." JCAP 04 (2018)
  2. Joseph Colosimo, Abraham Falcone, Mitchell Wages, Samuel Hull, David Burrows, Mitchell Range, Fredric Hancock, Cole Armstrong, Gooderham McCormick, Daniel LaRocca, "Measuring the Quantum Efficiency of X-Ray Hybrid CMOS Detectors." (2021)
  3. Stephen Kerby, Amanpreet Kaur, Abraham Falcone, Michael Stroh, Elizabeth Ferrara, Jamie Kennea, Joseph Colosimo, "X-ray Spectra and Multiwavelength Machine Learning Classification for Likely Counterparts to Fermi 3FGL Unassociated Sources." Astron. J. 161 4 (2021)